Thursday, January 1, 2009

Will 2009 be any better?

I am a realist with an optimistic undertone. I always try to hope for the best, but plan for the worst. Unfortunately, I am not overly encouraged by the headlines as 2008 comes to a close.

"GM Gets $4 Billion In Low Interest Loans; Chrysler Still Waiting"

"Governor Appoints Burris to US Senate" (Blagojevich)

"Dozens die in New Year's nightclub fire in Bangkok"

"Atheists want 'God' out of inaugural oath"

"Thousands of stores to disappear in '09"

"AIG seeks to ease repayment terms for government loan"

Can you believe Blagojevich??!! He has got to be one of the most blatant examples of narcissism I have ever seen. I am truly amazed at his astronomical arrogance and complete lack of contrition. If I had been caught on tape saying the things he said, I would be completely mortified - but not him!! It is business as usual! He is not the least bit concerned that it is entirely inappropriate for him to have made ANY appointments. His own party is disgusted with him, demanded that he resign and he just keeps going.

I have to wonder what Burris was thinking in accepting this appointment... Really, if he asked ME to fill the seat, I would not want my name associated with his in any form or fashion. Then again, it seems that Burris' political career was circling the bowl when this opportunity arose; maybe he figured this was his only shot. He has been defeated in the last several elections that he entered, including the race to be Governor of Illinois; he was beaten by Blagojevich. Hmmmm...

Check out this snippet from the Chicago SunTimes: "Burris, his lobbying firm, his clients and a law firm that includes him donated $127,986 to Blagojevich since the governor took office. Burris himself gave $4,500 to the governor, including $1,000 last June. His lobbying firm, Burris & Lebed Consulting, gave $10,796 in cash and services. The law firm with which Burris is affiliated kicked in $5,000 for the governor. Burris' consulting firm has gotten $294,546.30 in state contracts under Blagojevich." This can't be good...but it seems completely in Blagojevich's character to pick a guy with whom he has financial ties.

Then we have AIG. Poor AIG and their financial woes. They are concerned that it may difficult to repay the government the $60 BILLION loan - part of the $150 BILLION BAILOUT package. They are asking that the guidelines for repayment be lightened. They agreed to those terms less than a month ago!! ARE THEY SERIOUS??!! I will say it again and again, DOJ or THE ATTORNEY GENERAL NEED TO OPEN A CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION INTO AIG!! Something is astonishingly wrong at AIG and I believe that authorities have the responsibility to investigate. When Patrick Fitzgerald is finished with Blagojevich, he needs to turn his attention to AIG execs!

Of course, we have a new incoming president; this means a lot of changes for the country. His views are quite different from the outgoing president. At least Obama cannot disappoint me; my expectations are low. The man has no where to go but up in my book!

We get to start this new year off by watching Illinois to see if the controversial appointment is confirmed, by watching the far left go out of their freaking minds about Rick Warren say a prayer at the inauguration and by watching AIG and other BAILOUT beneficiaries squander the taxpayers hard earned money at the spa while trying to get out of repaying the loan.

Gee, I am suddenly not feeling so optimistic anymore...

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