Tuesday, December 23, 2008


There are certainly many upsetting and blood-pressure raising headlines in the news today; however, it is Christmas time and I am going to focus on the holiday this week.

I have taken a week vacation to spend with my family. We are not going anywhere - I am home with my beautiful, 10 year old daughter and we are going to make cookies and cocoa, wrap presents, I am going to kiss my husband under the mistletoe and discuss with my family what Christmas is really about - celebrating the coming of the Christ.

I normally stay away from Faith specific topics and am aware that many of my fellow bloggers may not share my belief in Jesus Christ, but for this week - I will share my Savior with anyone willing to listen.

I believe in Heaven and Hell and I believe that the soul will go on after the body dies. I believe that there are consequences for sin and that the cost is steep. I believe Jesus was born to intercede for me and that he accepted my punishment for my sins. I believe that he went to the cross willingly and died so that I can go to Heaven. The only thing he asks in return is for my faith in him. We are saved by GRACE, through FAITH. Good deeds are not what he requires, but they are a natural by-product of a grateful heart and a true belief that Jesus died for us. When you have a true belief in Jesus and what he did, you can not help but be grateful and that thankfulness spills over into everything that you do.

A result of my belief in my Savior is that I do have a thankful heart. I seek truth and justice in both my personal and professional life. I try to be kind to others and to help others where I can, because I believe he wants us to love others. Sometimes I fail, but if I did not ever fail and was a perfect person - Why would I need a savior?

I ponder the hours leading up to Jesus' arrest and consider how difficult it must have been, knowing that he would be tortured and hung on a cross to die like a criminal when he had committed no crime. How would I feel if I had to accept punishment for an offense I had not committed? And to not have the benefit of a fair trial? I would be pretty angry and resentful; he wasn't. The Bible says that when the soldiers came to arrest him, Peter tried to protect Jesus, but Jesus asked Peter to stand aside and allowed himself to be arrested - knowing that his purpose was greater than what his Disciples could fully comprehend.

Christmas is a time to celebrate the fulfillment of a promise from God to send the Savior. Because of Jesus I am saved; not perfect or sin free, only forgiven. THANK YOU, GOD!!

If anyone out there is contemplating Jesus and has questions, I am happy to answer what I can. I am not a pastor and may not have all the answers, but I am more than glad to share what I can with you.

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