Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Is anyone really surprised?

I have to say that I am not really all that shocked to hear about Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, IL. The media describe his behavior as "jaw-dropping", shocking and appalling. I agree it IS appalling, but shocking - not really. I have always said that when you rise to that level of politics that this is the kind of character you will find.

The part that did shock me was his incredible level of stupidity. He knew that he was being investigated, yet continued his mafia-like conduct. He knew that he was likely being recorded, yet continued to conduct his criminal actions on the phone. He knows now for certain that he was recorded, yet was on the news following his arrest saying there is no cloud hanging over him, only "sunshine." He denies any wrongdoing in the face of indisputable evidence.

I can not help but wonder... Has anybody considered that possibility of mental illness?? He may really have a shot at an insanity defense!

This is only the tip of the iceberg and Illinois is in big trouble. The last governor of Illinois is also in Federal prison for corruption. Additionally, Blagojevich was not only selling a Senate seat. I read the first 18 pages of the indictment. He has been selling all kinds of goverment appointments, influence on state committees and all sorts of favors for years. Hmmm, anybody sensing a pattern or problem in Illinois.

My first thought when I heard snippets of the tapes was that he is incredibly comfortable with his illegal acts. He indicated no concern for being caught or arrested. He clearly shows no remorse and appears to be in complete denial of his current situation.

Illinois certainly has a huge mess to clean up in the state politics; however, my fear is that they are not alone. Joe Wurzelbacher, aka Joe the Plummer, told Glenn Beck that he was appalled by answers he got from John McCain regarding the BAILOUTs while on the campaign trail. He said that it made him sick and angry seeing and hearing McCain. Texans have long believed that our governor, Rick Perry is corrupt, but to my knowledge he has never been investigated (if someone will, we won't object!!). I feel pretty certain that every state could do with some house cleaning!

I think most politicains have been in it so long, they don't even know how dirty they really are.

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