Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I am too young for high blood pressure, but...

Holy Cow!!
(a) insane
(b) ignorant
(c) a psychopath
(d) the devil

I don't know which. I don't really think he is Satan, but I am convinced that he is either very ignorant or completely delusional.

Did you see his speech to Congress?? He actually said that he is "proud that we passed a recovery plan free of earmarks". WHAT??? WHO DOES HE THINK HE IS KIDDING?? The "recovery" (BAILOUT) plan has an earmark for $200K for - get this - TATTOO REMOVAL! Just whose tattoos are we removing and why are the taxpayers paying for it?? Was somebody tattooed against his or her will??? I always thought that tattoos are expensive and that people got them because they wanted them.

More distubing than the tattooo removal, is that OBAMA said his incredible spending bill was free of these earmarks that actually make up about 2/3 of the bill. If he actually believes this then he is dumber than Democrats ever thought Bush was ... or he is a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR.

To stand in front of Congress and blatantly say something so fundamentaly untrue is beyond me. It reminds me of Clinton denying he "had sex with that woman" and asked for a "definition" of the work sex. The fact that he asked for the definition should have been response enough for anybody to see that he had, in my opinion.

I must say that Obama is not as good at it as others I have seen. Good liars make it sound enough like truth to avoid any question - Obama's claim is so incredible that it defies all logic that ANYBODY would believe there are no earmarks in that ENORMOUS SPENDING BAILOUT. He doesn't even bother to make it sound true. His MO is to make it sound so good people WANT it to be true.

College for everybody!! Cure for Cancer!! Free health care for everybody!! Fix Social Security!! WEEEE... It all sounds great on the surface, but is absurd and unrealistic.

It is so ridiculous that even as angry as I am, I laughed when I heard him say it and (Thank God for DVD) had to replay it. Will anybody notice?? When will the disciples realize that he is selling snake oil?

The only other alternative is that he does not know how to define "earmark". Perhaps someone should tell him...

Monday, February 23, 2009

LMAO, buit its really not that funny!!

I have been so frustrated that I have actually been avoiding the news lately. I know that I should keep up with what the leadership of this country is doing, but I am so disgusted that I can not stand anymore.

However, I almost spit Diet Coke all over my compluter when I saw this:

"Urging future restraint even as current spending soars, President Barack Obama pledged on Monday to dramatically slash the skyrocketing annual budget deficit as he started to dole out the record $787 billion economic stimulus package he signed last week....The president also said he would reinstitute a rule that the government pay as it goes, rather than racking up debt, and he sought to prepare people for "tough choices" in years to come. He called the long-term solvency of Social Security "the single most pressing fiscal challenge we face by far" and said reforming health care, including burgeoning entitlement programs, is a huge priority."

Its funny that he sees Social Security as a "pressing" issue now, after the dems fought so hard to stop President Bush from trying to deal with Social Security when he was President.

I am dying to know when the President is going to impliment his "pay as you go" policy?? Seeing as he just signed the BIGGEST SPENDING BILL IN HISTORY and points to the debt he inherited from the previous administration.

Does anybody see any possible way for him to halve the national debt?? My degree is in an unrelated field, so maybe I am missing a part of the plan... REALLY! ANYBODY THAT CAN HELP ME UNDERSTAND WHAT HE IS DOING, HELP ME OUT HERE!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Don't even know where to start...

Wow! This week has been full of mind-blowing, blood pressure raising headlines.

"Stimulus Heads to President"
"Peanut processor files for bankruptcy"
"Burris Says Blago Asked for Cash"
"Octuplet Mom Nadya Suleman On Food Stamps, Three Kids Receive Disability"
"Octuplet Mom Nadya Suleman Launches Website For Donations"
"Dad at 13, Boy Alfie Patten, 13, becomes father of baby girl"
"SURPRISE! Dems Break Promise: Stimulus Bill to Floor Friday"

The only story above that is not in America is the 13 year old father... It appears that this child and the child mother, both have supportive families and that while incredibly tragic that these two children have forsaken their own childhood, they are trying to not compound one mistake with more.

The woman that deliberately has conceived 14 children that she in incapable of supporting and taking care of is clearly unstable and mentally OFF. The doctor that helped to do this should be held financially liable for the care of these children. He and this crazy woman have taken IRRESPONSIBILITY to a whole new level. They may not have broken any laws, but this is easily the most thoughtless and selfish thing I have ever heard. Why should the taxpayers be on the hook for this? My biggest question is how did she PAY for the implantation of these embryos. I have had friends that sought fertility treatment and it is not cheap and it is a voluntary medical procedure - not usually covered by medicaid or whatever California welfare medical plan is available.

How about Nancy Pelosi and the Dems promise to allow 48 hours for Congress to review the bill, then breaking the promise because Pelosi was leaving for ROME?? No one, not even the DEMS had a chance to read the 1,071 pages on the largest spending bill in American history. The package includes $308.3 billion in new spending, $267 billion for social services, and $212 billion for tax breaks. Most pundits are in agreement that when they force something through this fast - there is something in it they don't want us to know about before it is signed. My position is that in this case, we already know the worst, but they know that the longer it is scrutinized, the more opposition surfaces - even within their own ranks. Dems were beginning to change their votes and public opinion was rapidly shifting to the conservative.

Senator Burris, IL - has now confirmed that Former Gov. Rod Blagojevich asked Burris through a third party, Blago's brother, for $10,000. This would have been important to know BEFORE Burris was confirmed. Seems a bit disingenuous of Burris to bring it out NOW.

NO MORE PEANUT BUTTER! Man, it is a sad, sad day in America when a PBJ can be a deadly weapon!! The people that caused all this sickness and death by allowing salmonella tainted peanuts and peanut products to be shipped and used in food have filed for bankruptcy protection from lawsuits and creditors. Too bad for them, they cannot get the same protection from the criminal charges most certainly coming down the pipe. I hope they are charged with murder in the death cases. There are different options, but a 1ST degree murder charge is appropriate. HOW GREEDY DO YOU HAVE TO BE TO ALLOW POISONOUS FOOD TO BE SERVED TO CHILDREN?? Face it, who is the largest consumer of peanut butter?? KIDS! The person or people responsible deserve to spend the rest of their lives in prison or if eligible, the death penalty. Can they be tried in TEXAS?

I have noticed a pattern in most of these BAD BEHAVIOR headlines. Most of this BAD BEHAVIOR is rooted in selfishness. Congress is not thinking about what is best for this country - if they were they would not be spending us into the Twilight Zone and trying to convince us that it is going to stimulate the economy. Every time they inched closer to this atrocity, the DOW plummeted. Every time Obama speaks publicly about this BAILOUT, public opinion sinks lower and lower.

The crazy Octuplet Mom wanted these children since she was a child herself, so she had them. She shows no concern about how she is going to care for and pay for raising these babies. She was already receiving welfare benefits. She did not care about paying for them because she figured that the taxpayers would pick up the bill. Even with welfare benefits, these babies are all going to be in high school at the same time, going to prom, graduating, preparing for college at the same time. What is she going to tell her FOURTEEN kids at Christmas?? She does not mind being a burden to her parents or the taxpayers, she wanted fourteen children - so she had fourteen children! No worries - logistics be damned!!

I am getting sicker by the day about the state of this country. No one is responsible, half the country wants the government to swoop in and save the day and appears completely blind to the fact that abdicating our responsibility is also abdicating our freedom and independence. Look around people!! When you become dependant - you are no longer INDEPENDENT!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hooray, some sanity emerging!!! And some NOT!

I saw a report today that the FBI is investigating multiple businesses that have been recipiants of the BAILOUT money!! It seems that they have been investigating for a while, but it escaped my attention - probably because I have been too lightheaded over the astronomical amounts of OUR money that Congress is giving away!! I cannot wait for the arrests to begin!!!

Now for the insanity: Earlier this week, Senator Chuck Schumer had this to say, "For the first time, New Yorkers can feel proud and walk tall, because the federal government is coming to our aid." Yeah, New York, you blew it and so we the taxpayers are BAILING YOU OUT - feel proud!! Since when is a BAILOUT something ANYBODY should feel proud of needing??

He also had this to say in the interim when the BAILOUT was being debated, "...and let me say this, to all the chattering class - so much focuses on those little, tiny - yes, porky amendments - the American people really don't care..."

Notice those words - little and tiny - he is referring to the $886,000 for the Frisbee Golf Park in Austin, the $500,000 for a dog park in California, the $50 MILLION for a Mob Museum in Las Vegas - you know these tiny items.

It also includes these items on the wish list published by the Wall Street Journal:
A wish list that is 11,391 projects strong! What vital infrastructure projects would cash-strapped taxpayers get for their $73 billion? Here's a sampling:

- Hercules, Calif., wants $2.5 million in hard-earned taxpayer money for a "Waterfront Duck Pond Park," and another $200,000 for a dog park.

- Euless, Texas, wants $15 million for the Midway Park Family Life Center, which, you'll be glad to note, includes both a senior center and aquatic facility. (Hey, at least it is for PEOPLE, not ducks and dogs!)

- Natchez, Miss., "needs" a new $9.5 million sports complex "which would allow our city to host major regional and national sports tournaments."

- Henderson, Nev., is asking for $20 million to help "develop a 60 acre multi-use sports field complex."

- Brigham City, Utah, wants $15 million for a sports park.

- Arlington, Texas, needs $4 million to expand its tennis center. (Arlington should just get Jerry Jones to pay for this, since it is no big deal...)

- Miami, Fla., needs $15 million for a "Moore Park Community Center, Tennis Center and Day Care" facility. The city is also desperate for $3.6 million to build a covered basketball court and a new tennis court at Robert King High Park. Then there's the $94 million Orange Bowl parking garage you are being asked to pay for.

- La Porte, Texas, wants $7.6 million for a "Life Style Center." (What the Hell is a Life Style Center??

- Oakland, Calif., needs $1 million for Fruitvale Latino Cultural and Performing Arts Center.

I am not sure what angers me the most... Chuck Schumer referring to these millions of taxpayer dollars as "little" and "tiny" or the bureaucrats coming out of the woodwork with their grubby little hands out begging for US to pay for their pet projects.

Schumer's comments are sooo indicative of the attitude in DC about money. To them, a few million here and a few million there is completely insignificant.

To US - the people paying the bill, it is a very big deal.
And Chuck, I DO CARE and I am watching you!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

OK this is just plain wrong...

When I signed off a few minutes ago this is the first headline I saw:

Senate Finally Gets Stimulated

no longer LAMO

Was anybody watching Obama a couple of nights ago addressing the Dems about this BAILOUT or as the media have dubbed it - the "SPENDULOUS BILL"? It was excrutiating!! He is actually defending the 9 and 10 figure doling out for pet projects, such as - the MOB MUSEUM - yes, as in John Gotti, Al Capone - Mob, more money for ACORN (whom you may remember from the election committing voter fraud - of course I have heard nothing about prosecution in any of those instances!) and a Frisbee Golf Park. Obama said this, "The scale and scope of this plan is right." The scale is a whopping $800,000,000,000 of taxpayer money. The scope is bailout money plus crazy pet projects thrown in to supposedly create jobs. I volunteer to work at the Frisbee Golf Park!! There is more spending for pork in this bill than so-called stimulus and it is an absolute outrage.

The only thing that does make me laugh (just a little) is that they are killing a rainforrest with the sheer size of the Democrats proposed bill. It is 647 pages and weighs about seven pounds according to one journalist. Each congressman/woman gets a copy. Not that this is actually funny, but I have to wonder, where is the "Global Warming" crowd while this is going on? In the interest of saving the earth, I propose that Congress not print these anymore and just use a download on the Congrssional Laptops. Additionally, the media and whoever else gets copies should receive electronic versions as well.

It is going to pass thanks to YANKEE RINOS - Arlen Spector from PA and Susan Collins of Maine. They have sided with the Dems. I wonder how much payoff money is going to their states.

ATTENTION MICHAEL STEELE: As long as you are cleaning house and making radical changes to the party, let me share this insight with you as a voter, taxpayer and average citizen.
1. Supreme Court Justices with liberal agendas!!
2. Amnesty for ILLEGAL immigrants - we have laws for a reason, duh!
3. Spending like you have a money tree growing behind Capitol Hill- you don't!
4. Elected Republicans sitting on their ass doing nothing - when they had power before, they did nothing with it!!
What we DO want is:
1. Conservative Supreme Court Justices that will protect the sanctity of life and the Spirit of the Constitution
2. Responsible spending - remember that it is somebody else's money that ya'll have a duty to protect and use appropriately
3. Elected Republicans that will follow through with a conservative agenda!

I am so disgusted with the whole mess that this AM, my husband and I actually discussed the possibility of moving out of the country, not like Alec Baldwin and Robert Redford when they threatened to move and then didn't. We are actually considering our options.

I love my country. My ancestors fought in the Revolutionary War, the Civil War and the War with Mexico. Two of them may have died at the Alamo - we have been unable to confirm this yet. But my point is that I do not take the idea of leaving lightly - THIS IS MY COUNTRY - THIS IS MY HOME - I AM AN AMERICAN AND A TEXAN, but my home is being hijacked by a bunch of lunatics and WE THE PEOPLE seem powerless to stop them.

No one worth a darn wants to run for office in this country anymore because the Congress is so corrupt and wildly out of touch with reality and the people that no sane, rational or respectable person wants to be affiliated with them. Meanwhile, they (the lunatics) sit on Capitol Hill and laugh because they know it is true.

Does the NFL air internationally?