Saturday, February 14, 2009

Don't even know where to start...

Wow! This week has been full of mind-blowing, blood pressure raising headlines.

"Stimulus Heads to President"
"Peanut processor files for bankruptcy"
"Burris Says Blago Asked for Cash"
"Octuplet Mom Nadya Suleman On Food Stamps, Three Kids Receive Disability"
"Octuplet Mom Nadya Suleman Launches Website For Donations"
"Dad at 13, Boy Alfie Patten, 13, becomes father of baby girl"
"SURPRISE! Dems Break Promise: Stimulus Bill to Floor Friday"

The only story above that is not in America is the 13 year old father... It appears that this child and the child mother, both have supportive families and that while incredibly tragic that these two children have forsaken their own childhood, they are trying to not compound one mistake with more.

The woman that deliberately has conceived 14 children that she in incapable of supporting and taking care of is clearly unstable and mentally OFF. The doctor that helped to do this should be held financially liable for the care of these children. He and this crazy woman have taken IRRESPONSIBILITY to a whole new level. They may not have broken any laws, but this is easily the most thoughtless and selfish thing I have ever heard. Why should the taxpayers be on the hook for this? My biggest question is how did she PAY for the implantation of these embryos. I have had friends that sought fertility treatment and it is not cheap and it is a voluntary medical procedure - not usually covered by medicaid or whatever California welfare medical plan is available.

How about Nancy Pelosi and the Dems promise to allow 48 hours for Congress to review the bill, then breaking the promise because Pelosi was leaving for ROME?? No one, not even the DEMS had a chance to read the 1,071 pages on the largest spending bill in American history. The package includes $308.3 billion in new spending, $267 billion for social services, and $212 billion for tax breaks. Most pundits are in agreement that when they force something through this fast - there is something in it they don't want us to know about before it is signed. My position is that in this case, we already know the worst, but they know that the longer it is scrutinized, the more opposition surfaces - even within their own ranks. Dems were beginning to change their votes and public opinion was rapidly shifting to the conservative.

Senator Burris, IL - has now confirmed that Former Gov. Rod Blagojevich asked Burris through a third party, Blago's brother, for $10,000. This would have been important to know BEFORE Burris was confirmed. Seems a bit disingenuous of Burris to bring it out NOW.

NO MORE PEANUT BUTTER! Man, it is a sad, sad day in America when a PBJ can be a deadly weapon!! The people that caused all this sickness and death by allowing salmonella tainted peanuts and peanut products to be shipped and used in food have filed for bankruptcy protection from lawsuits and creditors. Too bad for them, they cannot get the same protection from the criminal charges most certainly coming down the pipe. I hope they are charged with murder in the death cases. There are different options, but a 1ST degree murder charge is appropriate. HOW GREEDY DO YOU HAVE TO BE TO ALLOW POISONOUS FOOD TO BE SERVED TO CHILDREN?? Face it, who is the largest consumer of peanut butter?? KIDS! The person or people responsible deserve to spend the rest of their lives in prison or if eligible, the death penalty. Can they be tried in TEXAS?

I have noticed a pattern in most of these BAD BEHAVIOR headlines. Most of this BAD BEHAVIOR is rooted in selfishness. Congress is not thinking about what is best for this country - if they were they would not be spending us into the Twilight Zone and trying to convince us that it is going to stimulate the economy. Every time they inched closer to this atrocity, the DOW plummeted. Every time Obama speaks publicly about this BAILOUT, public opinion sinks lower and lower.

The crazy Octuplet Mom wanted these children since she was a child herself, so she had them. She shows no concern about how she is going to care for and pay for raising these babies. She was already receiving welfare benefits. She did not care about paying for them because she figured that the taxpayers would pick up the bill. Even with welfare benefits, these babies are all going to be in high school at the same time, going to prom, graduating, preparing for college at the same time. What is she going to tell her FOURTEEN kids at Christmas?? She does not mind being a burden to her parents or the taxpayers, she wanted fourteen children - so she had fourteen children! No worries - logistics be damned!!

I am getting sicker by the day about the state of this country. No one is responsible, half the country wants the government to swoop in and save the day and appears completely blind to the fact that abdicating our responsibility is also abdicating our freedom and independence. Look around people!! When you become dependant - you are no longer INDEPENDENT!!

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