Saturday, February 7, 2009

no longer LAMO

Was anybody watching Obama a couple of nights ago addressing the Dems about this BAILOUT or as the media have dubbed it - the "SPENDULOUS BILL"? It was excrutiating!! He is actually defending the 9 and 10 figure doling out for pet projects, such as - the MOB MUSEUM - yes, as in John Gotti, Al Capone - Mob, more money for ACORN (whom you may remember from the election committing voter fraud - of course I have heard nothing about prosecution in any of those instances!) and a Frisbee Golf Park. Obama said this, "The scale and scope of this plan is right." The scale is a whopping $800,000,000,000 of taxpayer money. The scope is bailout money plus crazy pet projects thrown in to supposedly create jobs. I volunteer to work at the Frisbee Golf Park!! There is more spending for pork in this bill than so-called stimulus and it is an absolute outrage.

The only thing that does make me laugh (just a little) is that they are killing a rainforrest with the sheer size of the Democrats proposed bill. It is 647 pages and weighs about seven pounds according to one journalist. Each congressman/woman gets a copy. Not that this is actually funny, but I have to wonder, where is the "Global Warming" crowd while this is going on? In the interest of saving the earth, I propose that Congress not print these anymore and just use a download on the Congrssional Laptops. Additionally, the media and whoever else gets copies should receive electronic versions as well.

It is going to pass thanks to YANKEE RINOS - Arlen Spector from PA and Susan Collins of Maine. They have sided with the Dems. I wonder how much payoff money is going to their states.

ATTENTION MICHAEL STEELE: As long as you are cleaning house and making radical changes to the party, let me share this insight with you as a voter, taxpayer and average citizen.
1. Supreme Court Justices with liberal agendas!!
2. Amnesty for ILLEGAL immigrants - we have laws for a reason, duh!
3. Spending like you have a money tree growing behind Capitol Hill- you don't!
4. Elected Republicans sitting on their ass doing nothing - when they had power before, they did nothing with it!!
What we DO want is:
1. Conservative Supreme Court Justices that will protect the sanctity of life and the Spirit of the Constitution
2. Responsible spending - remember that it is somebody else's money that ya'll have a duty to protect and use appropriately
3. Elected Republicans that will follow through with a conservative agenda!

I am so disgusted with the whole mess that this AM, my husband and I actually discussed the possibility of moving out of the country, not like Alec Baldwin and Robert Redford when they threatened to move and then didn't. We are actually considering our options.

I love my country. My ancestors fought in the Revolutionary War, the Civil War and the War with Mexico. Two of them may have died at the Alamo - we have been unable to confirm this yet. But my point is that I do not take the idea of leaving lightly - THIS IS MY COUNTRY - THIS IS MY HOME - I AM AN AMERICAN AND A TEXAN, but my home is being hijacked by a bunch of lunatics and WE THE PEOPLE seem powerless to stop them.

No one worth a darn wants to run for office in this country anymore because the Congress is so corrupt and wildly out of touch with reality and the people that no sane, rational or respectable person wants to be affiliated with them. Meanwhile, they (the lunatics) sit on Capitol Hill and laugh because they know it is true.

Does the NFL air internationally?


JoeTheMom said...

Obama is a one-term president. He has already done enough damage in his first month in office, Americans will surely realize his socialist ways... Consider this, according to Pew research, only 51 percent of Americans are supportive of the "stimulus" package passed by the Senate today. Chin up!

Tenacious Texan said...

Joe, I could not agree more. I have wondered with the events of his first month if this was going to be a single term presidency. I have to say. I am PRAYING that this will be the case, because he is failing miserably!!