Thursday, December 11, 2008


Since AIG is the company I have been ranting about the most regarding the BAILOUTS (I still refuse to refer to this as a rescue.), I thought we should post the names and office of the AIG executives. Until today, they have been nameless, faceless entities; however, I believe the individuals responsible for AIG should be noticed publicly and I am writing an open letter to them as an unwilling stockholder.

To all the Top Executives at American International Group, Incorporated

Win J. Neuger Executive VP/Other Executive Officer
Edmund S. W. Tse Director/Other Corporate Officer
Andrew J. Kaslow Other Executive Officer/Senior VP
Frank G. Wisner Divisional Vice Chairman
Robert E. Lewis Chief Risk Officer/Senior VP
Jacob A. Frenkel Divisional Vice Chairman
Edward M. Liddy CEO/Chairman of the Board/Director
Anastasia D. Kelly Executive VP/General Counsel/Other Corporate Officer
David L. Herzog CFO/Executive VP
James F. Orr Director

Dear AIG Executives,

I am a government employee that earns less than $50K a year. You came to ME - the taxpayer - to BAIL OUT your company in this troubled economy. Against my wishes (and the wishes of most of the country), Congress decided to give you $700 BILLION DOLLARS.

Since that time, we the taxpayers have heard about your extravagant trips to the spa, golfing trips, trips to exclusive resorts and now you want your annual bonuses in excess of $250K for yourselves.

I do not know any of you personally, but how greedy can you possibly be??? I make less than $50,000 a year and you still ask for a bonus - for what? Ruining the company you are responsible to manage? I do not receive a bonus and do not think anybody failing in their job deserves any type of bonus. A BONUS is supposed to be a reward above the earned pay for a job well done.

Frankly, I can not believe you people had the audacity to ask for or expect anything besides a swift kick in the pants out the door. If I fail at my job, I get FIRED - not a bonus for being a dumbass! What you call a "bonus" and the "cost of doing business", I call it Criminal Misappropriation of Funds. You came to the taxpayers pleading poverty and then go out and wine and dine yourselves and pat each other on the backs, spending money like drunken sailors. YOU MAKE ME SICK.

You need to learn how to work within a budget, like the rest of us that are paying our bills and our taxes. YOU CAN NOT AFFORD TO BE GOING TO THE SPA!! YOU CAN NOT AFFORD SIX AND SEVEN FIGURE BONUSES. If you can afford to spend money the way you have been, RETURN the $700 BILLION to the TAXPAYERS. Otherwise, I hope to see your sorry mugs on FOX NEWS when the Attorney General indicts all of you for fraud.
The TenaciousTexan, aka: ANGRY TAXPAYER

To all of my fellow ANGRY TAXPAYERS, If you have photos or know where we can locate photos of these CRIMINALS, please send them to me. I would love to post them on my page.

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Yeah, take that AIG. PIGS!