Saturday, January 24, 2009

My blood pressure is SKY HIGH

I was really hoping to be pleasantly surprised by Obama; however, he is clearly living up to the pre-election expectations. This was on the AP yesterday:

"President Barack Obama signed a memorandum Friday that ends a prohibition on supplying federal family-planning funds and contraceptives to international aid groups that provide abortions, abortion referrals or abortion counseling."

Additionally, this appeared in an article on the Fox News site:

"The national security orders (signed by Obama on the 22nd) mandate that interrogation techniques in the Army Field Manual be used by all intelligence and law enforcement services; call for a task force to look at closing the detention center in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, within the year; and orders a strategy to be developed for handling detainees in the future. The presidential directive also orders a stay in the case of Ali Al-Marri, the only person being held by the military as an enemy combatant on U.S. soil."

All these new policies are reversals of directives by the Bush administration. Obama and his supporters are for killing unborn innocent babies and for playing nice with the terrorists that want to kill us all? Hmmm, anybody else see a problem with his logic??

I know that people are all over the map about the abortion issue, but the vast majority of the country believes that there should be restrictions with rape and medical exceptions. There is more red tape for a person to get a tattoo or to buy cigarettes than there is for an abortion.

Abortion activists believe that an underage girl should be able to get an abortion with out her parents permission and be taken over state lines without parental consent to obtain abortions. My daughter's school will not give her a Children's Tylenol without permission from us. What on earth makes any person think they should be able to help an underage girl have ANY medical procedure without consulting the parents?? I guess I shouldn't just go after the Dems - Rick Perry (the jackass governor of Texas) issued an executive order for all girls to be vaccinated for HPV by the sixth grade. Of course, I have never made any secret of the fact that I find Rick Perry to be the worst governor that Texas has had in my lifetime.

I can not say I am surprised about Obama's actions his first week in office. This is why I campaigned so hard against the Democratic Party, not just Obama. They want complete control over every aspect of our - your - lives. They are chiseling away at the American way of life. The Democratic agenda is now to become your momma, your daddy and your caretaker. We are all too dumb to take care of ourselves, too dumb to manage our own money, make decisions for our children; so they will do it for us. How dare these politicians think they know what medical treatments my daughter needs??

WARNING: The more dependant we become on government to be our caretakers- the more control they have. Eventually, if this trend keeps progressing, they will have complete control over all the money, food supplies, medical care and everything else because they are so arrogant that they believe that we are incapable to taking care of ourselves.

Unfortunately, half this country has become so damn lazy, they are perfectly happy to let the government take care of them. They expect and believe that it is the role of government to provide health care, food and shelter to every man, woman and child in this country and the rest of the world. I am not sure where they get this idea; it is not how our Constitution reads.

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Becky Sue said...

I agree with your closing the most - I think the vast majority of Americans are just plain lazy. Don't care where their tax money goes .. they never see it, don't miss it.
Obama made several comments about "responsibility" .. clearly he was lying through his teeth.