Saturday, January 3, 2009


Here is a headline from this morning, try not to lose consciousness when your blood pressure spikes!!

Democratic Governors Asking Government for $1T Bailout Package
Governors from Wisconsin, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and Ohio are seeking funds to deal with unprecedented state budget shortfalls in 41 states and Washington, D.C.

Seems like if Massachusetts needs money the Kennedy's could float them a loan rather than ask the taxpayers to BAILOUT a mismanaged state. If you don't have it, DON'T SPEND IT. How can Mass. not have any money?? Greenwich alone could fund a state as small as Mass.

Here are your crappy mismanagers of your taxpayer money requesting the latest BAILOUT.
Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick
New York Gov. David Paterson
New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine
Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland
Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle

Is anybody else tired of BAILOUTS? Does anybody know where the money is going?? NO ONE knows where it is all going.

The Fed has 22 major departments in which trillions of taxpayer money is dispersed. Those departments (Departments of Education, Homeland Security, etc.) then disperse the funds to divisions of each department and they continue to trickle down until there is nothing left.

There is very little oversight and the money is often spent in ways not intended by the Fed or the States when it is given out. Agencies will inflate estimated needs in order to increase funding, others will invent new and exciting ways to spend grant money because if they do not spend it all they will not get a matching amount the following year.

One example that I took notice of is when my boyfriend (now husband) took a job with a company that did construction on military bases. In 1993, he was flown to Hawaii, The Kingdom of Tonga and one other place to work. The job in Hawaii was replacing the carpeting in an officers club. When he came home, he said that the carpet he removed was only one year old and looked brand new. Furthermore, the club was scheduled for demolition the following year. The military paid his airfare, shipping for his tools and materials, labor charges and hotel. This entire expenditure was nothing but a waste of taxpayer money. There are so many things wrong with this that I am not sure where to start. We can afford to recarpet an officers club, but can not take care of our veterans.

An old friend from high school has become a powerhouse in Texas politics as founder of a non-profit watchdog organization, specifically watching spending and government waste of taxpayer money. Michael Quinn Sullivan is president of Empower Texans. He is a Conservative Republican that is openly critical of other Republicans that are fiscally irresponsible with taxpayer money.

I hope to see Michael emerge as a national figure. He is completely brilliant in fiscal matters and is diligent in his pursuit of good stewardship of the money hard working taxpayers earned. For my friends in Texas check out the website, Perhaps someone will encourage him to go to Washington and straighten out the boneheads. Better yet, maybe he will run for office one day...I'll bet he could cut the budget by 33% just by eliminating wasteful spending. WE NEED YOU IN DC, MICHAEL!!

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