Tuesday, January 20, 2009


President George W. Bush and his lovely wife, Laura, returned to Texas today. Listening to his speech in Midland, I am still in awe of the grace and kindness he is showing to President Obama. He called him a "good man" and offered his prayers for his presidency and expressed anticipation of good things.

Mr. President - I want to thank you for the good things you did while you were my President. I thank you for the Supreme Court appointments you made - Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Alito. I thank you for your courage and resolution to take a stand against terrorism. I thank you for making the tough decisions; most of us can only imagine the stress and pressure that comes with the job that you were willing to do. Even in times I disagreed with your choice, I have no doubt that you did what you truely believed to be in the best interest of every man, woman and child in the United States of America. I have no doubt that your decisions were made with information not readily available to the general public; I also do not doubt that they every decision was prayerfully considered. I thank you for sharing your lovely bride, our First Lady, Laura. She has been just incredible and we have been honored to have her. Thank you for keeping us safe from additional terror attacks. I just want to thank you, so...


P.S. I have cold beer, hot steaks and fried jalapenos waiting on Texoma!! Come on up!

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