Monday, January 19, 2009


I would like to point out a few examples of class, examples that are rarely seen in the political climate we face today. President Bush is going out in style. He is not making a lot of fuss; he is going out quietly and allowing the President Elect to have his time. He has taken quite a beating from the left and they are not finished with him yet. Even as he prepares to leave the White House, the extremists are still calling for him to be prosecuted. Unlike the Clinton administration that stole all th "W" keys from the White House keyboards, George W. Bush instructed his staff to show respect to the incoming staff of President Elect Obama and he has been gracious to the Obama family.

Another great example is Sarah Palin. She was on Glenn Beck's new Fox News Program. Glenn asked her if Obama will be HER President. Her response was that he absolutely is her president. She spoke about her pride in America and her desire to see Obama do good things for this country because she is an American first. She did not have an ugly word to say about him and acknowleged that while they have differing views on many issues; she said that she has no doubt about his desire to serve this country and to bring about positive changes.

The last example I would like to point out is President Elect Barack Obama. I do not agree with most of his positions, but like him or not he will be sworn in tomorrow as the 44th President of the United States. He has shown himself to be a class act. He has reached out to Hilary Clinton and to John McCain. He has reached accross the isle and brought people to the table that surprised many. He has stood his ground against his most ardent supporters in his choice of Rick Warren to give the Inaugural Prayer. I am not likely to agree with most of his political positions, but I will show respect to the office and to the man.

It is okay to agree to disagree. Now is the time to lead by example; I hope that all my conservative friends will join me in prayer for our incoming President and will show others that we can disagree on issues without hate and without name-calling and without hoping/wishing for his failure.

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