Saturday, January 24, 2009

OKAY, these just made me laugh

These headlines appeared tonight on Fox News:

"Obama Tells Republicans to Quit Listening to Limbaugh" Duh! I cannot imagine why he does not like Rush!!

"Wal-Mart Worker Accused of Rolling Back Prices" Of course, they are rolling back prices, I thought that was their JOB.

...and this gem:

"Blago Hires Same PR Firm as Drew Peterson"
You know what a great job they did for Peterson! LOL

This nice one was on

"Urgent action needed on economy, Obama says" Duh!! Glad he noticed; I thought he was too busy with his abortion agenda.

The winner of the Grand Pubaa Prize is this advertisement on check this out:

If this does not exemplify what Bill O'Reilly has been saying for years about media bias, I don't know what does.

Just had to share a laugh!!

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