Thursday, October 9, 2008


Good Grief, Charlie Brown!!! Where should we start??? Can you say ACORN and VOTER FRAUD! Or how about... AIG, its trip to the spa, the second bailout in a month or the second PLANNED trip to a resort???!!!

I am so appalled and do not even know where to begin, but I think we'll start with ACORN. For those who have not heard, ACORN is a leftist group that has been very active in recruiting people to register to vote and then follow up with rides to the polls. They specialize in seeking out the homeless, the poor, etc... They claim to be non-partisan, but their are abundant reports that they are persistant in their push for the Democratic candidates. In 20 states there have been accusations of voter fraud specifically naming ACORN. About 48 hours ago, authorities in Las Vegas, Nevada raided the local ACORN office. As is turns out... there were voter registrations forms for the entire starting line up for the Dallas Cowboys in Las Vegas. Now, I am sure many of those young men have spent more time than they should in Vegas, but I am equally certain that those Cowboys do not LIVE in Vegas; however, ACORN insists they have done nothing wrong and issued a statement. Below is only an exerpt from their website.

"As part of our nonpartisan voter registration program, ACORN staff reviews every single application submitted by our canvassers. Special, dedicated staff makes up to three phone calls attempting to reach the voter listed on EVERY SINGLE CARD before they are turned in to verify the information. Our callers verify the information on the cards before turning them in to election officials to make sure that as many new voters as possible get on the rolls and to make sure that all of our voter registration workers are doing the high quality work they are trained to do."
In the name of fair and balanced, you can read the entire text at the ACORN website. It should also be noted that ACORN officials have been cooperating with authorities.[tt_news]=22368&tx_ttnews[backPid]=12387&cHash=b73691350d

Althought ACORN is cooperating with investigators, this is not an isolated incident and ACORN is a target of other investigations across the country. How can they defend themselves and claim that they are doing "great things" all the while ignoring the serious threat to our democracy they have created. They have accepted voter registrations that are OBVIOUSLY fraudulent and do not seem at all bothered by it.

If this wasn't enough to wake up to, there are new reports about AIG and another bailout and plans for another trip to some exclusive resort by executives. WHAT THE HECK!? Are they serious!? How dare they take taxpayer money and go on a vacation while the people footing the bill are working his/her fanny off just trying to keep gas in the tank and food on the table, then have the audacity to ask for more!? Those losers should have to pay that money back IMMEDIATELY and AIG investigated for fraudulently claiming an emergency to the Feds and begging for the bailout, then using those funds to pamper themselves. This is no longer just irresponsible - THIS IS CRIMINAL. The executives that asked for these TWO BAILOUTS and PLANNED VACTIONS WITH THE BAILOUT MONEY should be prosecuted for misappropriation of funds and for fraud. The first trip cost taxpayers $440,000 ($23,380 for spa treatments alone) leaving Congress with egg on their face as his/her constituents demand answers. Wide spread reports on this state that lawmakers were furious - they should be. I sure as hell am!!


Fayette Front said...

It's a shame you're way over there in Texas, you'd fit right in with my Georgia friends! Love reading your blog.

Stephen R. Maloney said...

Dear Friend of Sarah Palin: Please keep your blog and online network of allies intact through and BEYOND the election. No matter who wins the election, many (many) Sarah for President in 2012 web sites and blogs will start appearing on Nov. 5, including a couple I will manage. Your effort -- and that of Team Sarah generally -- has been superb, but it's essential that we continue to work together. First, however, let's win this election!

Please send me a short e-mail at: so we can stay in touch.

steve maloney
ambridge, pa
(One of the original "Draft Sarah for VP" advocates)