Sunday, October 5, 2008

$700 BILLION - Isn't it funny...

Am I the only one thinking how strange it is that the BAILOUT (I refuse to call it anything else!) has disappeared from the headlines so incredibly fast?? The home pages of Fox and CNN are devoid of any mention of the BAILOUT in the headlines. However, CNN had a link to an "ireport" page that I found interesting. It discusses the enormity of 700 BILLION DOLLARS. Ya'll already know what I think about that and the greed and stupidity that got us where we are today.

Now the only thing they want to talk about are the campaign ads. So, let's talk about them... Is anyone surprised about the gloves coming off in October?? I am not. What surprises me is that the media and some of the politicians seem to be...

Why is Obama so shocked and upset about the ads regarding his highly questionable associates?? WELCOME TO NATIONAL POLITICS - you are not in Illinois anymore, Senator. Guess what - your middle name will be used too - just like everybody else. It is not McCain's fault or the fault of the media that your Momma named you Hussein. Not to mention that you are the one that chose use your given name instead of the name you used in school, Barry.

Same to the overreaching feminists that are angry about the hounds running around Alaska looking for dirt on Sarah Palin... Hey, I am on record as a Palin supporter, but I live in the real world too-- THIS IS POLITICS. If anybody really expected something else to happen, they were dreaming.

I will go out on a limb and make a prediction - this is October... There will be what has been known as the "October Surprise". I do not know what they will be, but it will surprise me if there is not one or two. This is what happens every election cycle. The opposing parties hang on to some juicy titbit about the other side and will wait until the last week of October to release the info to the media in hopes of a last dig to effect the vote November 4. It has been an effective tactic and a regular part of American Politics - so be ready.

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