Friday, October 3, 2008


If you are unhappy with how your Representative or Senators voted - VOTE THEM OUT! If you live in a community where you are offered no choice - the incumbant runs unopposed until he/she dies or retires - go file the paperwork to RUN AGAINST THEM!!

THIS HAS GOT TO STOP! The politicians clearly went against what their constituents wanted. Very few Americans wanted this bailout and very few politicians actually wanted to vote for it. They were pressured into passing a bill that almost NO ONE wanted. Bloggers are commenting on how members our legislature were "given permission to vote against the bill". Permission from who??!! These jackasses are supposed to be representing his or her district -NOT VOTING HOW THEY ARE TOLD BY SOME PARTY LEADER!

Fox News reported, "I think most Americans understand that we're facing a serious economic crisis" House Minority Leader John Boehner (R) said. "And I think over the past few days, it's been clear the House Republicans have stood on principle. We made this bill better. It's not perfect but it's clearly better than it was a week ago." THIS GUY NEEDS TO BE GONE! How is adding an extra $100 BILLION DOLLARS making this outrageous theft of taxpayer dollars making it better???!!!

These jerks think that by calling it a RESCUE and not calling it a bailout anymore, will make it more palatable to the American People. I, however, think that any educated person who has been paying attention to this fiasco will see right through the BS.

A BAILOUT IS STILL A BAILOUT - WHATEVER YOU CALL IT. They think if they dip this turd in chocolate that will will foolishly eat it up. Well, I AM NOT BUYING THIS CRAP!!




I wish that some third party would rise up and gain some strength. Instead we have so many Independants and "Third Parties" that they share a pretty good percentage. For example take Texas; Rick Perry is a sorry excuse for a Govorner, if he had not had three viable challengers the last election, he would not be in Austin now. He had only 30 something percent of the vote. If that could be narrowed down to one solid candidate, I would advocate voting for the the person NOT HELD HOSTAGE BY ONE OF THE CORRUPT ALL-POWERFUL TWO PARTIES CURRENTLY RUNNING THE SHOW.

Unfortunately, we are forced to vote for one of the two parties or have our vote fall on deaf ears. If McCain had chosen a different running mate - he would not have my vote. I think this is the very kind of thing Palin will go after and I will be voting for McCain mainly because of her.

I've said it before and I'll say it again -- handing over $700 BILLION dollars will not fix this problem unless they go in there and BREAK UP ALL THESE OVERSIZED COMPANIES, BANKS AND MORTAGE AND LOAN OPERATIONS.

IF A COMAPANY IS SO BIG THAT THE ECONOMY OF THE WHOLE COUNTRY DEPENDS ON ITS SUCCESS, IT IS TOO BIG!!! We are being held hostage by a big business that got too big for its own britches and got too greedy!!

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