Thursday, October 2, 2008


As Glenn Beck would say... AAWWW, YEAHHH!! She nailed the debate. There was a short time she seemed a bit nervous, but she snapped back and really shined. I cannot help but think that Joe Biden was even a bit impressed and maybe even surprised at how well she handled herself. She got in a few zingers, but still was very pleasant while she did it!! I think that this is a huge victory for women and all conservatives!! I loved what she said about being happy that McCain never asked her to "check her opinions at the door". I loved the little wink she added when discussing ANWAR. I love that she very simply stated that the Obama/Biden Iraq policy was waiving a white flag of surrender. She has a way of getting her point across without seeming "bitchy" , "scary" or any of the other negative epithets used to describe Hilary over the years. She has a very likable personality; she has a very pleasant way about her; she thinks like a regular American, because she is one. She is not a professional politician - She is a woman who became fed up with the "Good ol' Boy System" and instead of complaining about it she took action.

Considering that I personally think he is wrong on nearly EVERY issue, I thought Joe Biden did fairly well himself, better than I thought he would. Intellectual honesty - I give credit when it is due.

ANYWAY!! I just had to go on about how well SARAH PALIN handled this debate and I think the world will be impressed, but more important...
I think this country will be very blessed to have her watching our backs!!

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Meg an Aggie in Frisco said...

My husband was so nervous watching the debate last night. He said it was like watching the Aggies play. You want so bad for them to do go, but you are so worried they aren't going to show up and play.

I was surprisingly calm. It was a good debate. I was glad Sarah showed up and brought her "A" game. Great blog... Meg