Saturday, November 8, 2008

Post election bloviating

I have been gone from the blog for a while due to some personal stuff going on, but America needs us to keep going. Obama may have won this one, but I will be shocked if he can follow through with his promises of saving the poor and spreading the wealth. I am very saddened to think about the future of the Supreme Court.

Additionally, I want to know what the govenment intends to do about the ACORN FACTOR. I do not know if Acorn was able to steal this election or not and will not allege that they did; however, I do want to know what the feds are going to do to prevent any future voter fraud. We will probably never know the true impact of voter fraud in this election, but I am not willing to sit by and allow this to continue.

I propose that everyone write, call or somehow contact his/her senators and congressmen and women and demand that they address voter fraud.

Another thing bothering me post election is the continued attack on Sarah Palin. I am absolutely certain that the childish backstabbing coming from within the McCain camp is fear that she will return to the national stage and will not be a party puppet or just go along with the status quo. Her approval ratings in her home state are probably among the best held by any politician in the country and are certainly better than ANYONE in DC. Alaskans love her and I have no doubt it is because of her work cleaning house of corruption, cutting spending and honestly looking out for the people of Alaska.

The good ol boys of the Republican Party recognize that she is as big a threat to them as any Democrat because she is cabable of bringing new life to politics and was actually better received than John McCain. While I very much respect John McCain, I was not happy with him as the Republican nominee. She - like Obama - is truely about change, except she does not want to change the country into a Socialist nation. Her brand of change is returning power to the people, less spending, lower taxes and less cooruption. The good ol boys know that she will upset the party as they know it.

Here's what I see. I am tired of putting Republicans in office, only to have them stab the voters in the back. I have not forgotten George Bush trying to put Harriet Miers on the court. I felt completely betrayed and then his attempt to give illegal immigrants another amnesty was the end for me. I was very angry that the Republicans allowed the Democrats to hold up the Supreme Court nominations. They refused to take a stand and fight when they should have and allowed minority Democrats to hijack the hill. I sent emails to the Republican Headquarters begging them to grow a backbone. It has not happened yet.

I pray that Sarah Palin will return to the capitol and rise to a position in the Rebublican Party where she can make a difference for America as she has for Alaska! Perhaps the speculation of her being on the ticket for the White House in 2012 is not unattainable.

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