Saturday, November 15, 2008

Threats against the President-Elect

According to an AP article posted about an hour ago, threats against newly elected Presidents are par for the course; however, law enforcement has stated that they are seeing an unprecedented number of threats against the President Elect, Barack Obama.
Let me say something to this type of behavior - THIS MUST NOT CONTINUE.

One thing about this, we must keep in mind that there has been an explosion of medium for this type of behavior. When in history have we had the ability to have our views so widely expressed? This is a great gift and an awsome time to be an American. It is also a time for people to very publicly share their low IQ with the world.

Freedom is a beautiful thing but should be tempered with responsibility!

I was not happy with the election, but should we not behave better than the radical left? We (Conservatives) opposed Obama because his views are so radically different from the conservative. Most of us that hold conservative views are influenced by our faith in Jesus Christ. The Good Book gives us guidance on how we should behave as his followers - and making threats against a man put into power is NOT the way to handle disappointment.

If this spike in threats are due to this man's race, well I do not think I can change the heart of someone so shameful. If anything happens to the President Elect, it would set this country back a hundred years. This country was build on free speech and free exchange of ideas - feel free to disagree with him all day long - I do, but do hate him so much that you would risk your life and freedom to violate the law and the Ten Commandments to hurt this man because of the color of his skin - then you have problems that I am simply not qualified to help you with.

You don't have to like Obama. You don't have to agree with him.

Hate is tearing out country apart. Mostly I have noticed the radical left getting completely crazy and out of control, but threats against an incoming President is unacceptable. Do not become like the radical extremist left - full of uncontrollable hate, rage and completely free of any rational thought. The only way that we can regain the ability to put Conservatives back in to power is by keeping a cool head and regrouping - not by acting like a bunch of immature children.

We need to remember to respect the Office of the President. Obama won - He will be the 44TH President of the United States. We need to pray for and support our President. Support does not mean blindly agree with everything he says or does. It means that we express our concerns to our President in appropriate ways, we vote for the candidates that we believe in, we hope that in spite of our concerns, that he will be putting the Unites States of America and its citizens first and we remember that at most he can only serve 8 years. This is temporary.

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