Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I say to the so-called "big three", NO!

Just say no to the endless BAILOUTS, say no the the enablement of big business' mismanagement, say no to the Government getting into the business of business,

I do not want to put a band aid on a gushing artery - you might slow the bleeding, but the person will still eventually bleed to death. It is pointless to throw money at an already seriously mismanaged business and the idea that bailing them out will fix it is RIDICULOUS. Giving them money will only delay the inevitable - the company will just go right back to its self-destructive practices and will eventually be in the same mess again.

I was raised that you are not doing a child any favors by excusing his/her bad behavior or getting them out of trouble. They must learn about consequences, learn from mistakes and learn to deal with problems and obstacles as they arise. Otherwise, they will always depend on someone else to fix things and will never stand on his/her own.

How is this any different?

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