Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sarah Palin

I have had several people ask me what I think of Sarah Palin this week. One person that asked is a hardcore, far-left liberal. She thought I would not like her because she is a woman and the feminist that asked - she knows I am conservative. Her shock was evident when I said that not only do I like her, but I like her better than I like McCain. She was very surprized, so I explained... I would vote for a black man or a woman - just not the ones whose views and policies are polar opposite of mine.

Many Liberals seem to be under the misconception that they have an exclusive on being so sophisticated that they could vote for a minority (gender or race), while we conservatives are so archaic that we should be appalled that Sarah Palin would take on such responsibility while having five children at home. It appears to me that she has the full support of her family and is more qualified for this position than Obama or Biden. In fact, she has more executive experience than McCain as well.

I say "many Liberals" because there has been some rational thought among the opposition. Susan Estrich wrote an article for Fox News,,2933,416102,00.html in which she points out the media bias against Palin and the hypocrisy of those suggesting that a Palin should be home raising her kids, yet never question a father's ability to be a father and president. The part that strikes me is that the party of the "feminists" and the "sophisticated, open-minded" people are the very people attacking her because she is a woman. They are the very people that usually accuse conservatives of being racist or sexist. If Republicans chose a black man to be the running mate, would they begin screaming that a Black man is unqualified? It certainly leaves one to wonder...

About Palin, one pundit said they thought she hit a homerun, but added - "in this first inning". The implication being that she has only been in the spotlight for a short time - I completely agree. I am very impressed with what I have seen so far, but you never know what will pop up after a few weeks... I am eager to see how she does for the long haul!

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