Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ike and the Texans

As a Texan, I have to say...I love Texas and have been watching Ike closely. I have family in the Bay area and was concerned about their safety. I have been praying for all the effected residents. It truely saddens me to see fellow Texans suffer this kind of loss and damage to their homes and businesses.

That being said, I feel strongly that I have to comment on the people that chose to stay and ignore mandatory evacuations. That was pure stupidity and for those that did so, you should be ashamed of yourselves. When you decided to stay in a danger zone, did you for a moment think about possible consequences? Authorities estimated that more than 100,000 people ignored the evacuation orders; the area 911 centers received over 4,700 calls for help and the Coast Guard made 23 rescues. After Ike passed over, people were interviewed by the media - bragging about toughing it out. Every person that ignored mandatory evacuations potentially put some first responders life in danger because you wanted to be able to tell people about riding out the hurricane. Shame on you.

The 23 people that had to be rescued, you shoud be required to PAY for the cost of your rescue, plus fined for putting the RESCUER in danger. Did you people ever think about them or their families, their children?? The Coast Guard, National Guard, Firemen and Police are people with families that love and depend on them. How incredibly selfish to stay in danger and jeopardize the lives of other people because you were too narcissistic to go somewhere safe for one night. It probably never even occured to any of the 100,000 people that when they chose to stay, someone else might have to risk their own safety.

I do not normally throw out blanket criticism and I am sure there were a few people that had a legitimate reason to stay, but not all 100,000. As a taxpayer, I am ticked off that we will be paying for the stupidity of the selfish. as a person, I am ticked off at the harebrained decision that could have left many people mourning the loss of a son or daughter, brother or sister.

To those that did have a rightful reason to stay, I am sorry that your neighbors are idiots.

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