Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I told them so...

"Livid Democrats demand AIG return bailout bonuses"

"Obama assails AIG bonuses as misuse of tax funds"

"Geithner Vows to Recoup AIG Bonuses as Lawmakers Express Fury"

What did they think was going to happen when they pushed that sucker through before anybody could read it or look into any aspect of it??

I am completely perplexed at the response of the Congress. I have said it before, but a person does not have to have an MBA to see that this strategy of blindly throwing money at failing companies is the most moronic, irresponsible thing they could possibly have done.

When my children ask permission to do something, I ask questions and require a 48 hour window between the request and the event to allow time to look into what it is they want to do. I may just be an ignoramous in the eyes of Congress, but my house and cars will be paid in full within 3 years and all my credit cards are already paid in full and have been for quite a while. My husband and I will be completely debt free before I am 45 years old. My children are not doing drugs and spend their time with smart kids with nice parents. I am not in denial or blind to my children's doings - I am diligent in verifying and checking up on things. In my opinion Congress could take a lesson from every good mother in the US.

Congress has pushed through bill after bill amounting to roughly $2,063,800,000,000 in the first 50 DAYS (not months or years - DAYS) of this administration without taking any time to research a damn thing because Nancy Pelosi was in a hurry to go to Rome.

Was this the kind of change that people were hoping for??

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Steven M Nielson said...

I thought a Change would do us good? :)

What happens when there is no money left to pay the piper?

Refer to my blog post "Through the Looking Glass and what Obama Found there". In it, I made reference to the story of the Walrus and the Carpenter... They invited all the Oysters to join them for dinner. The elder Oysters decried the willingness of the Oysters to join them, only to have to watch in horror as all the Oysters are eaten by the Walrus and Carpenter... The Walrus begins to cry - not for what he had done, but because there was nothing left to eat...

That is the story of Obama, Pelosi, and Reid... and we are the Oysters... They plan to devour our freedom and tax us to extermination... When we are all poor, and there is no wealth to "spread" they will cry - not for the loss of this great nation, but for the loss of funding for their socialist government!