Saturday, March 7, 2009


Have you noticed how frequent Obama says the word "crisis" when speaking about the current state of the economy?

During the election, Democrats accused Republicans of "fear mongering" in reference to the Republican position that they were the best choice when it comes to Homeland Security issues. Frankly, NO ONE is dealing with Homeland security - our southern border is wide open and the whole world knows it. I believe that the Dems are also "fear mongering". Everytime Obama, Pelosi or any high ranking Dem steps in front of the podium, they are pushing for some big spending bill to save us from the financial "crisis" we are facing. Everytime they do, the market drops even more. Everytime they talk about the dire straits of the market, people are holding tighter and tighter on their wallets.

The Dems are using the financial problems as an excuse to obtain taxpayer money for every pet project they ever dreamed of and they are scaring people into going along with them. They have actually convinced people across the country that the only way to save the country from economic failure is for the Feds to swoop in and "rescue" us.

It is a load of crap!!

There is another way. If the DOJ would go in and break up all the HUMONGOUS corporations, there would be room in the market for independant business' to grow and thrive. I can not just go out an open a grocery store in Texas - I could not compete with Walmart, Albertsons or other large chains. They have been allowed to grow so big that they would kill me in advertising and their ability to buy in larger quantities allows them to purchase products at a discounted rate that a small independant can not.

If the Justice Department would break up the large corporations this would impriove the economy in two ways. First, the independants could rise up again and survive in the market. Second, it would prevent the economy from becoming so dependant on certain businesses for survival. If Ford were a much smaller company and went belly up, the nation would not be devastated. If AIG was a small business, instead of the huge boil on the country's a$$ that it really is, we would not feel any obligation to BAIL THEM OUT four or five times in a six month time period.

Our system, as originally intended, would have been great!! However, companies have been allowed to grow so big that the entire economy rests on a handful of businesses.

I say BREAK THEM UP. Make Walmart sell off the majority of stores. Make AIG split into different businesses - they are into a boatload of different enterprises. Split them up!! The failing parts will die off, the better parts will continue on. There will be opportunity for more individuals to prosper, more businesses to rise up and all the money in the country would not be in the hands of 4% of the people.

Don't let the Dems scare you into a socialist system of governement. The more control we hand over to the politicians, the more control they have over our lives!!

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Steven M Nielson said...

TT -

Hmmm... breaking up monopolies is tough... there needs to be legal cause and proof of monopolies... unfortunately, there are several "mega-stores", all independently owned... so the federal government cannot claim monopoly...

The best thing to do is to change local zoning ordnance, or to pass local city/state laws restricting certain types of businesses, such as mega-stores...

Great article, though... it is this kind of action that we need to save our society... but we need to start thinking about local action...