Sunday, April 19, 2009

Texas Tea Parties!!

YEEEHAAAW! People in Denton, Texas are mad as hell and still polite as they can be about it!! The Tea Party in Denton was a huge success as were the other Tea Parties across the country! I wanted to share my photos with ya'll and encourage you to check around to see if any other events are popping up. I am aware that there may be a second protest in Sherman, Texas on the 4TH of July. Check out what was happening in Denton on tax day.

On tax day the Department of Homeland Security issued a report about terrorist activity in the US: however, the terrorists that Janet Nepolitano was referring to include: opponents of ILLEGAL immigration, abortion opponents and VETERANS!! Of course, she has since issued an insincere apology. That makes it okay...

WOW! I am a terrorist under the DHS definition!

Does this mean they are TERRIFIED? of US??


Plus, The LA Times categorized Tea Party participants as "STEEPED IN INSANITY"; the Washington Post called us "nutjobs" and a CNN remote correspondant covering the Chicago Tea Party said that it was "not family viewing" and threw it back to NY because she was being called out on her refusal to allow a man to finish his sentence when asked why he was there and the issue of her arguing the Obama talking points with they guy. Since when do "reporters" argue with the man on the street??

I just consider the source of the name calling and - you know - it encourages me!! It means that they are unable to keep ignoring us and are afraid that we may succeed in drawing attention to the REAL insanity. People that have not been paying attention are starting to notice the problems and the runaway train of irresponsible spending. People are starting to notice that Congress is trying to side step the Constitution in their attempt to federalize EVERYTHING.

Why is removing tattoos on LA gang members a federal taxpayer responsibility??

How did smelly pigs in Iowa become the responsibility of Texas and Tennessee??

Why is Georgia expected to pay for the Miami Orange Bowl parking upgrade??

How did Virginia and Maryland get put on the hook for a museum dedicated to the mafia??

Check around your community for events and groups organizing to fight the shift to socialism and the federal take over issues granted to the States by the CONSTITUTION.

Email me with any pics from other Tea Parties and info of future events!

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Meg an Aggie in Frisco said...

I had a good time at the Frisco Tea Party. Standing there holding my TX flag. It was uplifting... I hope it is just the start of the ground swell of support.