Sunday, April 12, 2009


I know I have been gone awhile... Honestly, I am so sickened by the news and the state of our country that I have quit watching any news and have avoided any media that I know will just give me a headache and thoroughly tee me off. This all has me so disgusted and upset that I had to just stop paying attention - I feel so helpless - at least until the next ELECTION when we can serve Obama with an eviction notice!

It is time for the TEA PARTIES!! I encourage everyone to put in an appearance at the nearest TEA PARTY. I am a government employee and our local one is during office hours; sooo, several co-workers and myself are marching to another nearby county having one after work to protest BAILOUTS, HIGHER TAXES and FISCAL IRRESPONSIBILY!! I will be on the Denton, Texas townsquare, Wednesday, April 15 as an angry taxpayer!! I hope some of you can join us in Denton or another TEA PARTY close to where you live!

I will post pictures and hopefully there will be a grand turnout! The weather in Denton is predicted to be excellent for a TEXAS TEA PARTY!!

If you are not aware of any TEA PARTIES close to you, check out this website.

To the right of the screen will be an option to click your state and they have a list of confirmed TEA PARTIES. If you are able to go, take your camera and post pictures of actual taxpayers that are angry and fed up with this out of control Congress! We are fed up with Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, Chris Dodd and Barack Obama. I am also fed up with ALL members of Congress that voted for these BAILOUTS without actually reading the bills!! And I am fed up with Republicans that dropped the ball when they ahd the power to do something! They all stink and they should hear about it!!

Let's get out there and show Congress where WE THE PEOPLE, THE TAXPAYERS stand!!

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Ronald Williams said...

Good luck at the Tea Party!! Nice blog!! I just finished writing about the lack of coverage from the left-wing media concerning these protests. Don't let the ACORN whackos disrupt the event!!